Tuesday, September 4, 2012

31 Day Challenge 2.0 Day 4

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Oh glorious green, quite possibly my favorite color, other than black of course.  Revlon Posh definitely being my favorite green nail color.  If you weren't sure, it's Day 4 and the theme is GREEN :). Being that summer is practically over and fall right around the corner. I want to get as many summery nails out of my system as possible.  Starting with today's Hawaiian floral design inspired/copied ;) from The Illustrated Nail!
She's a goddess with the nail paint, but I did my best.  I wish I wasn't a lazy procrastinator that decided not to do her nails for today last night.  I literally finished my nails about 2 hours ago.  Hence the late post...sorry!  I'm happy I finally did them and I LOVE THEM!

I never imagined that one day I would even be able to attempt a design like this.  Let alone it not come out like a hot mess haha.  All I used for this design was a nail pen and a super fine small brush.  You know how much I love to use as little as possible to do my nails.
Now after doing these I want to buy all the nail pens.  I want a rainbow of them and then some.  I guess I'll get it after my No Buy is over in December...CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!!  They are so pretty I can't stop glancing at my nails while I type.  Every time I look at them it puts me in the mood for a Luau or just a Mai Tai haha. Come on ladies join me for a drink or 2 or 3 :)

Polishes Used:

  • Revlon Posh
  • Models Own Wah Nails Pen Pink
Thanks for stopping by!  Love Ya, See You Tomorrow!


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