Wednesday, September 26, 2012

31 Day Challenge 2.0 Day 23

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Hey peeps, I'm going to keep this post short and sexy ;).  For Day 23: Inspired by a Movie I chose Star Wars.  Mainly because I tried to execute this exact design last year and failed, miserably haha.
It's Darth Vader and a red Lightsaber!!! These nails were all about the matte and shiny effect.
Here's a shot of the lightsaber connected.  I was actually patient enough to use tape for these haha.  I needed to make sure I was lined up perfectly.  How are you with tape manicures?  I always give up and freehand it.
Oddly, I couldn't get a good photo of Darth Vader using the lightbox and my digital camera.  But using my phone and the lighting in my bathroom he showed up perfectly.  I know I could have just used black and white or gray/silver to detail Vader.  I really wanted to stay true to the fact that he's all black.  It's not the most amazing Darth Vader I suck at character drawings but I'm very proud of it.  It's 100 times better than the first :)

Polishes Used:
  • Spoiled by Wet n Wild Ants in my Pants
  • Wet n Wild Black Creme
  • Sally Hansen Pumping Iron
  • New York Color Broadway Burgundy Frost
  • Wet n Wild Wild Shine Clear Nail Protector
  • New York Color Matte Me Crazy
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