Name: Christina Morgan
Date of Birth: February 20, 1985
Current Location: Brooklyn, New York

I've always been a lover of all things girly.  I remember as a child I loved getting dressed up and playing with the little makeup my mother had.  She wasn't big on the flashy so I wasn't allowed to experiment with makeup and fashion.  Growing up the youngest of 4 girls I was the only one into fashion, makeup and playing with my dolls.  Which explains my tomboy years, a lot of tomboy years :( following in their footsteps.  Then I got some sense in high school haha.  

I was probably 15 years old when I first got into nail art and even doing my own acrylic tips.  I had my box of Kiss Nail Art stripers, which were like $1 each back then, and nail polishes.  I was doing stripes, flowers, polka dots and wispy line designs, then I just stopped. Not sure why either, just started painting my nails solid colors and kept it that way for a long time. Until last summer when I became a full time mom.  I stumbled on to this brand new world of nail art and fell in love.  I became obsessed, I still am obsessed and now I want to become a Nail Technician and never leave this world of nail art.

College is when I got into makeup and fashion.  My style is a bit rocker chick, I LOVE hardware and black lol.  I definitely do it up girly but my favorites are black, leather, leopard, more black and bright colors thrown in the mix.  My go to makeup style would be neutral eyes and harsh lips.  I do change it up and do colorful eyes but I'm a sucker for sexy lips ;)

I guess that's ME...
A Beauty Addicted Mom, Amateur Nail Artist, and Aspiring Nail Technician!

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