Wednesday, August 29, 2012

O.M.G. I Have A Real Blog!!!

Posted by Starlett Approved at 1:58 PM
Hip Hip Hooray!! Guess who's a real blogger now? Oh Oh Oh  *Raises Hand* MEEEEE :)
I'm crazy exhausted getting the blog ready to premier today on my tumblr birthday.  Yeah both my kids have the same birthday, it makes my head hurt less lol
I had a few ideas for my first blog post and decided on nail art based on my sexy theme.  A theme that wouldn't be possible without all the help of the beautiful, talented and just ah-mazing Very Emily.
These nails ARE Starlett Approved haha.  I love black and white, houndstooth print being one of my favorites right there with damask print. 
If you couldn't tell, I love lips haha.  I even have my kiss tattooed on me ;)
This was my first time painting lips freehand and I can't wait to do them again and again!
I've done houndstooth before so I knew what I was getting into haha.  It's not easy but it's also not kill me now hard. Weirdly it seemed easier the first time, maybe because my head was spinning when I was doing these :/
My favorite part of these nails?  I didn't need to use a crazy amount of nail polish or utensils :)

Polishes Used:

  • New York Color French White Tip
  • Models Own WAH Nails Nail Art Pen in Black & Neon Pink
Overall I love this manicure and I lurve my new blog. Thanks for stopping by!!!
Leave a comment if you would like.  I would love to hear from you.  Enjoy your day ;)


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